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Quality-driven: Product quality is the foundation of all else. For FAHREN , quality means doing everything correctly from start to finish with no corners cut and no compromises made.

Customer-focused: The customer is at the center of everything we do, and customer satisfaction is our primary measure of success.

About Fahren 

Fahren was founded in 2011. has been offering the finest and widest variety of automotive parts and accessories  for the past decade. 


Fahren is committed to building a global brand in the automotive x aftermarket field, focusing on the design, development and sales of automotive headlights, automotive tuning parts and automotive accessories.


Adhering to the mission of serving global car owners with heart and soul, FAHREN has a high popularity and reputation in Amazon with its innovative technology and excellent performance.

In the future, Fahren will continue to focus on the automotive aftermarket and vertical sub-categories, constantly understand the needs of consumers, proactively explore and continuously personalize, serve every car owner worldwide with high-performance and safe and reliable products, and become the leader of the automotive aftermarket.


Fahren products can be found in over 50
countries and territories worldwide.


There are 700,000 FAHREN customers

spread across the globe.

F6A Series

Improve automotive LED lighting for different models

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